Mar 28, 2014

Om Nom, Free Crochet Pattern from the Cut the Rope Game

The Om Nom character from the cut the rope game. He is so Kawaii! Adorable.

Available in French and at the bottom in English on the "Enemy Dolls Amigurumi" blog.

Free pattern – Easter Chick Bust

This funky chicken is another free pattern from "DenDennis Amigurumist". My son's first reaction was "whooooo, really cool he has a funky hairstyle". It's a great little chick. I bet you can change it to a rubber ducky.

Melissa & Clarissa (Free Amigurumi Doll Pattern)

Another beautiful pattern on Lonemer Creation's Blog: Melissa & Clarissa.

Karl the Fox - Free Amigurumi pattern

This pattern is free on Stephi's Kostlichkeiten's blog. It's in English.

This makes a great toy. It's beautiful.

Smiling Flower in a Pot - Free Amigurumi Pattern

This pattern is available free on the Lonemer Creations Blog.

3 Little Piggies Free Amigurumi Pattern

The three little piggies pattern is available in Spanish on the  Lanas y Ovillos blog.

Sherlock Holmes Amigurumi

This beautiful creation is made by Vilma Ilona. Well done! The free crochet pattern is on Ravelry.

Small Sleepy Snoopy Pattern

This cute Snoopy pattern is on the Purple Dragon Crafts blog.

Check out the other Snoopy's in this directory:


Snoopy Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Free pattern – Easter Egg bust

For Easter an Easter egg bust. The free pattern is on the "DenDennis Amigurumist" blog. Which has lost of great ideas.

Daisy Duck Amigurumi

This fluffy duck pattern is free on the Booletes blog.